• Recently moved to Moscow, Idaho from San Diego and New York City
(where I began my career as a piano technician)

• Registered Piano Technician 

Piano Technician’s Guild 

• Piano Technology Certification – North Bennet Street School

• Piano Tuner – Aspen and Tanglewood Music Festivals; Jazz Aspen; Suzuki Institute

Steinway class
Specialized Steinway Training with Eric Schandal
Oberlin Steinway Institute
Oberlin College

Me + the Guys at Yamaha Disklavier Class
Certified Yamaha Disklavier Maintenance Technician (above)

playing harpsichord
Playing harpsichord

• Former piano teacher and accompanist

Prior Lives

• Bicycle tour operator – Tuscany, Italy

• Former CPA, Ernst & Young (stay tuned for my tax tips page!!)


cycling canada
Cycling Canada, Summer 2005

• Randonnier/long distance cycling: Paris-Brest-Paris  1200km!

• Most music

• Most types of dance

• Food & wine

my garden
My Garden
Helix Woodworking Class
Helix Woodworking Class, Summer 2006

Recent hobbies include:

• Gardening, woodworking, and Jazz Piano

piano legs tiles